Using a Pilates Reformer to Step Up Your Workout Regimen

Never be afraid of using tools to enhance your regimen. Sometimes certain machines can make your form better so you won’t be susceptible to injuries. In the case of the reformer, it actually helps you with your injuries because of the stability mechanism allowing for better posture and movement. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert that wants to use more resistance, this is a perfect setup for you to handle. Here are some key ways you can use the pilates reformer to step up your workout.

Get a Proper Warm Up

Not only do you want your body to get comfortable, you want that right synergy with the machine. First of all, know what position you want to be in for the machine. Then you lay back and begin to warm up as needed. If you are thinking of having your feet on the foot bar, make sure you allow yourself to breathe before you expand your range. This will help you keep certain levels of oxygen going through your bloodstream to make your movements more deliberate  Use your pelvis to press against the carriage and keep your hips flat. This will engage a good stretch and relax your lower half before embarking into that intensive pilates workout. The right alignment will help your body limber up so that you can keep focused on the workout at hand.

Doing Upper Body Workouts with the Machine

Now when you think of pilates, the upper body doesn’t really come to mind unless there’s an activity that indirectly engages it while working the core. Resistance is key here because you want to put it on a level that challenges you but doesn’t cause injury. One good workout you can put to the test is your arm extension. While the shoulders are pressed into the pad, you’re going  to start working the upper body. Make sure your neck and shoulder are relaxed as you keep repeating a few sets. You can even use your elbows and press all your muscles together for a nice and slow flex with the hand straps. Find out what you enjoy doing the best and utilize the hand straps to the best of your ability.

Creating More Dynamic Movements with the Core

This is a great machine to help you workout different muscles in your core. You don’t need to use any resistance to make for a challenging workout. However, it does add the right level of spice to bump up your regular regimen. It’s all about being lined up properly with your feet and your shoulders supported in a way that helps keep your body stable. This way you can easily move between the lower and upper abdominal workouts. Whether you use your feet to draw in closer, or you relax your chest and sink it back down, you can really get some incredible core concepts finished on this reformer. This is an incredible way to start creatively using your body by creating an explosive routine for the core.