So You Want to Run a Marathon?

So you’re thinking of running a marathon but you don’t know where to start? Running a marathon is something you’ll need to be well prepared for. A grueling 26.2-mile race requires more than just willpower. If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon then you can start by rolling these simple training tips to get ready for the big day.

Invest in properly fitting running shoes and suitable clothing

Running is known to cause serious damage to your body over time so investing in the proper gear is essential. Many athletics stores will measure your feet for the most comfortable fitting running shoes for you to train in and run your marathon in. You can also be sure you’ll need some great fitting workout clothing that will keep you cool and keep your sweat under control.

Ease your way in if your ability isn’t at the right level

If you’re not already a runner you’ll want to ease your way into the activity. Before you begin your vigorous training schedule you’ll need to do some pre-preparation. You should be able to run continuously run for 30 minutes as the end game is going to be a lot more intense than just running for 30 minutes.

Plan at least 5 months of training

If you’re a beginner you’re going to want to plan at least 5 months of training to have you fully prepared. Being ready is very important and getting to that point can be different for everyone. Be sure to double check your marathon date and make sure you’ll have enough time to fit the training in you will need.

Ways to train

  1. Before any run or exercise, it’s important to stretch your muscles to prevent injuries. For running you should be stretching the key muscle groups in your legs.
  2. Practice outside as much as possible as this will help prepare you for having a better feel for what you are up against.
  3. If possible, find out the terrain of the marathon. Knowing the terrain is great if you can find a similar area to train in to prepare yourself and really get the feel of it.
  4. It is also effective to use a treadmill for running when you’re just not feeling like running in bad weather. If your marathon could possibly be in the rain, you can still try and practice in a little rain but other than that, a treadmill will do the job just fine.
  5. Don’t forget about training in other ways by using other types of cardio to prepare, and including periodic weight training into your fitness routine.
  6. Do your best to try and speak with someone who has previously run a marathon to get a first-hand view of the event.

Never underestimate the exhausting race you’re about to delve into. It’s a common mistake so please follow these steps to help you be ready and safe for the big day. If you can keep up your determination and dedication to training you’ll be ready to check marathon off your bucket list. Good luck!