Losing Those Pesky Pounds After Your Pregnancy

Are you trying to get back on track with everything for your health after pregnancy? It can be a long road if you don’t take some fail proof steps to get back on the journey. It’s hard to lose weight because your body is still in pregnancy mode, which means it stores fat very close to the body. Instead of being in storage mode, you want your body to get back to afterburn. This will help it go into a more fat burning state. Here are some strategies to help you lose some pounds after your pregnancy.

Do a Core Rotation Workout to Help You Get a Better Stomach

Here you’ll work your core as well as the pelvic floor. Get a dumbbell and bring it from one side of the hip towards your shoulder. The best thing you can do is engage the core the whole time. Focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale while keeping a tight core. Keep your reps between 10-20 on one side then switch over. Make the workout effective by doing 2-3 sets to give yourself good time to develop the body. This is a great way to help strengthen your full core and get rid of some body fat. Although you can’t do any spot reduction, this workout helps attack your core by doing more compound movement and adding weight resistance. It’s a good jump start to creating a challenging workout.

Doing a Backward Lunge

The key is getting a good transfer to all the weight on the heel and doing a set of eight. Make sure throughout the workout you inhale and exhale. Get the blood flowing properly by breathing while the intensity starts to climb. You really engage the glute and bring it up for a more advanced motion.  By using a stationary object and bringing your knee up, you can really stress those muscles so they are forced to grow. Feel the extension as you work your core, glute, hamstring, and quad. This is a great workout because it incorporates your lower half but you still feel it in your back as well. You’ll find that it’s a great fat burner because of the cardio aspect. From the first workout to this one, you’ll see a good circuit to help you get leaner at a quicker rate.

Working Out with Your Baby

It’s hard being a mother and finding time to workout when you have an active baby. Why not just incorporate your child into the workout? You’ll be able to engage with your baby as well as work up a sweat as a two for one deal. Remember, your kid dictates how things will go by the way he wants you to hold him. The key is to adjust according to his feeling and do the workout while still holding him. Think of the baby as a nice 6-10 pound free weight. If you’re doing squats, this is perfect because you can stand hip width apart and go down smoothly. All the while, you’ll still have good support of your child. This will help you tone up your glutes and quads. There are great workouts to do after pregnancy that include your baby. Choose a few good ones to start getting active again.