Help Whip Your Kids into Shape with Some Basic Cardio

With kids getting more obese and less active at an early age, it’s important to incorporate some kind of fitness in their lifestyle. Building a foundation for going outside and staying active will help them setup a healthier lifestyle. In a world filled with cell phones, apps, and video games, it’s getting harder for kids to leave their sedentary taste inside the house. Take a look at some good ways you can help get your kids in shape with some basic cardio.

Why Should You Incorporate Cardio in Their Lifestyle?

Obesity, hypertension, and diabetes in kids continue to rise. It’s vital for their well-being to stay in shape. It’s the parents’ job to help fight this cycle in order for kids to get back to a healthier lifespan. It shouldn’t just be a workout but something fun. You want to keep them active but help them enjoy it simply because they are kids. They need that freedom and feeling of doing something they like rather than it being a boring workout in a gym. Doing fun things outside will create a habit so that it’s something common like the skin on the back of their hands. Here are a few key items you need to help you get started.

Getting the Right Equipment

First of all, they need to get the right tennis shoes. This will help them be more mobile and protect their feet for high level activity. It’s all about being comfortable. Some athletic shorts or sweatpants are easy to obtain at your local athletic store. A simple game of catch will get your kids running and build necessary hand to eye coordination they’ll use in daily life. Even some light handweights are great to build resistance with certain activities. Remember, you don’t want them to stress their muscles because they are still growing. However, 3-5 pound weights won’t do them much harm. Even when they sit at the table, a good balance ball helps to get the core tight and posture correct, but keeps the mind active. It’s better than sitting on a regular chair.

Make Sure You’re Involved in the Activity

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it’s hard to convince your kids to do the opposite. You set the example because you’re the parent. You’re their first influence of what’s right and wrong in the world. Additionally, it’s a good way to keep them safe from injury. Take the initiative to show them some fun things you like to do. Maybe they will learn to like a game of basketball or a throwing a baseball around. It’s better when you show your kids the right support because they soak it up. Also, it’s a great way for you to get back in shape after your prime years are done.  This can be a positive activity your whole family engages in to bring you close to one another. Additionally, you can begin to eat healthier foods to really change your lifestyle. You don’t have to make extravagant changes but the small ones do count. Remember, don’t make it a stress activity, but something fun where they don’t even think it’s an exercise. This way you’ll encourage them to continue leading an active lifestyle.