Getting Your 20 Minute Holiday Workout Together

The holiday season comes around and it’s one of the most intense times of the year. You’re with family, you get gifts, and you binge eat. With all of the filling food and desserts, you need to stay on point with your workouts. It’s very easy to lose track of a healthy balance when you over indulge in tons of carb filled and fattening foods. You can have some of your favorite foods, but you need to get back to a balance. Take 20 minutes of your day to workout a bit so you can transition back to getting in shape. Here’s a great 20 minute holiday workout to help you keep in shape during the season.

Getting Back on Track with Healthier Eating Habits

One of the first things you need to do before you begin working out is get back to a healthier eating regimen. It’s important so you can lose all of the water weight you’ve gained from eating the wrong foods during the holiday season. You carry a lot of inflammation in the body and it causes you to look bloated. You can workout all you want but until you get to a reasonable eating schedule and intake, your body won’t look ripped. Start by picking healthier choices like leafy green vegetables, complex carbs, fiber, and lean meats to really give your body that initial healthy drop in weight. The saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is a very true statement. Now you can begin to develop workout habits to sculpt the body.

Incorporate a Squat Set and Upright Rows

The key with a circuit is doing a continuous set of movements. Squats are great for developing strong quads and glutes. That motion will engage your heart health as well as your lower body. It’s a good way to work up a quick sweat. You can do this for 30-60 seconds with a short rest time in between sets. Do this workout about 3 times in your full circuit. Next, you can move onto upright rows. Get a weight you want to add to the resistance of your workout and put it near your chest area with your elbow slightly bent. It’s a great way to incorporate your shoulders and triceps. You can do this for 1 minute and 3 times out of your full circuit.

Back to Cardio with Mountain Climbers and Doing Pushups to Build Your Chest

Go back to the floor again. The great thing about this is you have two workouts that are somewhat identical. A mountain climber starts off in the pushup position but you use your legs to do a type of bicycle pump motion. This is a great core and cardio workout at the same time. The pushup is also great for engaging core as well as biceps and chest. You can change the way you do your pushups by adding different degrees of difficulty. For the finish, you can do a workout with a medicine ball.  It’s great for core stability and keeps it tight. These 5 great workouts in a circuit will give you a full body training session like none other. As a result, you’ll begin shedding all of the weight gained during the holiday season.