Get the Basics Down with a Beginner’s Kickboxing Bag Class

Kickboxing is a great way to get in shape and set yourself up for a good defense and offense. It’s become a very popular activity worldwide and continues to grow on a daily basis. It’s one of those activities that keeps you fit but it’s not boring. It’s exhilarating and helps you connect with a core group of people especially in class. With that being said, here are some tips in order to excel in your beginner’s kickboxing bag class.

Getting the Right Hand Wraps

It’s important to get hand wraps that not only fit, but feel comfortable. Remember, your striking hand must feel a bit loose whether you are sparring, participating in a tournament, or defending yourself on the street. You want to wrap it a few times around your wrist and fingers until the whole hand is covered. The key thing about wrapping is making sure that everything is secure. There should be Velcro there to close out the wrap and to make sure it’s tight. You don’t want your wrap to come off during a session. This is also great because it provides a little extra protection even when you put on the gloves.

Having a Sound Stance Together 

It’s important that you also have a good stance. This helps maintain balance in your fighting and enables you to create smarter movements and adjustments. A typical stance in kickboxing would be orthodox. You’re going to get into position where the legs are together then have your left foot planted to the ground. The right leg goes behind you around 4 inches back while you have your toes slightly turned. It’s good to rest on the balls of your feet because you won’t feel like you have dead weight. This will enable you to strike better while still maintaining balance with the left foot planted to the ground. It’s a good tactic for shifting your weight faster.  The key is learning how to use this interchangeably so that you can make for better movement and more effective strikes with your legs.  This foundation will help you get your lower strikes down pat.

Focus on Form and Technique with Your Jab and Cross


This is crucial because you want to get some good ground with your punches. You want to make sure you have a good stance down and also your arms positioned for striking and protecting. You could have an incredible punch but missing your opponent will easily leave you open for attack. That’s why it’s important to have a good defense system, too. Extend the left arm out while the thumb faces towards you and turn your fist. Make sure your left leg bears the most weight as you strike. That would set you up for a quality jab. To work on your cross, extend the left arm out but this time, rotate the body so you include your shoulder, hip, and foot as leverage into the move. Remember, punches need a full body movement to get the most power. It’s not just the arm and fist that do the work; your torque matters. These are a few basics that will help you get good at your kickboxing bag class.