Choosing a Gym that is Right for You

Deciding to begin a workout regimen and choosing a gym location that you feel comfortable in and fits your individual needs or workout style is one of those overwhelming tasks that can easily deter you from working out. It doesn’t have to be though. By following a few simple rules of thumb when reviewing your options you can find a gym that meets your personal needs as well as makes you feel right at home.

Take Advantage of Free Days

Many athletic clubs offer a limited number of free day passes to individuals who are interested in finding a gym membership. These free passes are intended to allow you to try out their facility, get familiar with what they offer and the staff. Usually you will need to meet with a sales associate and go through an orientation or sales presentation to receive one of these temporary memberships that are usually a week long. However this shouldn’t be an issue since they are actually providing you with the information that you would need in the long run anyway.

Meet with a Trainer

Trainers typically charge by the hour and range in styles, personalities, backgrounds, and intensity; so you will want to take some time to speak with a variety of trainers before you schedule a session with one. Scheduling an orientation with a trainer is a great way to learn how all of the equipment is intended to be used, as well as get a better understanding of where your physical limitations currently stand.

Most high-end athletic clubs offer one or two complimentary training sessions as a way of introducing you to the facility and assisting their staff with developing new clientele. If the gym that you are considering offers such a deal it is a great idea to combine this with your free pass so that you have a clear understanding of the gym without floundering your say through.

Evaluate the Number of Locations and Proximity

You will find that a lot of gyms, especially the larger chains, have multiple locations spread out around town. Do not assume that you will have free access to all of these locations. Different companies have their own policies regarding how many locations a membership has access to, so ask before you sign a contract and discover you do not have access to the locations you thought you would.

Additionally, you want to consider how close the athletic club is to your home, office, school, or where ever you will be coming from when you go to work out. One of the biggest reasons that people tend not to use their gym memberships is because they didn’t feel like driving to the gym. Choosing a facility that is convenient to get to will make working out more convenient and as such increase the amount in which you use your membership.

Staying healthy and physically fit as you age is a constant challenge. But, if you know how to choose the right gym for your needs, and take the time to explore while using the many incentives and offers that athletic clubs use to promote their business you will be fit in no time.